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Project Ara is start a few years ago, when Motorola make announcement that they will build a modular phone.  It is a day when the dream to have a custom phone became reality.

You can say “it`s a Lego Phone”, because owner can change a part that they need and change with other one.

But a great idea is not always welcome for some people. But let step back and took a neutral position so we can see the good and bad from this idea.

install android on pcThe first time i knew Android, it was a Operating System that install in Laptop. I was think that OS is cool, but still i use windows for my daily works. The main reason, Android is still new and does not have not many application (and games). After few month i did not see Android again when the expo held.

Next, i saw Android became phone Operating system. Then the era of Android is begin. Some people maybe does not know that it was run on Laptop / PC. So, if you want feel how Android run in your PC, then you can try this. Thank`s to F4uzan (xda-developers) for this.

windows phone 8.1 features

Windows Phone 8.1 bring a lot of new features and make more improvements in their latest Windows Phone OS. Here is some features that enchant in Windows Phone 8.1

Sony-Xperia-T2-UltraSony Xperia T2 camera spec got 13 megapixel and Exmor RS sensor for mobile. maybe this the best combination for today. Sony boasted this series is “best-in-class”.

Let`s forget a while for this device only have 1gb RAM, this some result from Sony Xperia T2 camera. You can judge the camera quality by your self.






Arcane Legends

Are you a fans of MMORPG? Maybe you can try this game. This game made by Spacetime studios and can be played on Android and iOS.