5 Android Applications for Instagram Alternatives

Some time ago instagram announced that they launched the android version of the application that previously was exclusive only for iphone users. This news had made many android users excited to try this application. But many users who think that android instagram not as great as reported.

What is Instagrame?
Instagram is an application that was originally available for the iPhone or iPod that has IOS version 3.1.2. The application is used to retrieve, edit or edit, then could upload into the social networking world. With instagram, the results of the captured image can be edited to look like a polaroid picture shots or DSLR.

There are 5 applications that are comparable with instagram by android users that you can try and compare it with instagram


This application provides an effect on the photos as “Instant Film” effect, “Russian Toy Camera”, “The 70s”, & “High Contrast Monochrome” so the processed image can be flavored vintage, black and white, lomo and HDR. This application can also set the adjustment on the image, such as croping, rotating, saturation, brightness / contrast, blur, sharpen and add text or labels on the photograph.

Social Experince? Yes, the “like” and comment feature, also supported by a notification received by the user when his picture was mentioned by other users. There is a view statistics on each photo and the popular photos featuring pictures selected and drawn from many users.


instagram-alternativePreviously, these applications can be enjoyed online at “http://pixlr.com/o-matic/”. The concept of giving effect to the photo is done by shifting the film as a unique effect, for example, Anna, Julia, Josh, and others. After that select the frame or border and choose a different layer to the photo.

This application has a lot of filters, frames and layers. So that the effect of the resulting image becomes varies. You can try this application on the web page before install in the android. Because the features in web pages similar to the application

Pixlr excellence-o-matic is a great option to the small size of the image will be saved (high, medium, small).

Lightbox Photo

Actually there are no new features offered by this application. Because the fact is made based on instant photographs. There are about 20 securities. Starting from the B / W, Lomo, RedScale, Sepia, to Retro. The concept offered by the lightbox is a blog, like, follow, and Share. After the first Sign Up as a lightbox Users, you can take pictures directly using Android smartphone, then edited and uploaded to the site lightbox. The photos you uploaded in the lightbox you can instantly upload it on your Facebook page or Twitter.

What’s interesting about this application is its approach as an instant photo journal can be organized to make it like Tumblr for sharing photos.


This application has about 20 different filters and borders. Hipster also gives you the freedom to add a text caption. The application also provides geo-tag feature you can add to mark where the photo was taken.

Interfaces are shown fairly easily and do not confuse users.


Besides the Social Experience, in streamzoo also implement a “Social Gaming” where users will be more encouraged to upload photos because each point can get listed in the leaderboard.

Stream, is a feature to determine which channel this picture will be displayed. Features tilt-shit Streamzoo regulating effect in some forms and can be set and the position of the area. For other filters, similar to pizplz.

source: lifehacker

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