5 Android Chatting Applications

5 chat android app
The existence of the current smartphones still makes messenger as a must have features . By default android does not have a special messenger applications such as BBM by RIM. This opportunity is used by software developers to create applications messenger that offer many exciting features.

Here is some messenger applications that usually use by the android user.

Whatsapp Messenger

WhatsApp offers the convenience to user for connect with other users cross OS. WhatsApp can run on any operating system: IOS, Android, BlackBerry and symbian. The Features that offered to users, for example, send text or multi media messages.
The advantage from WhatsApp, after this application installed, automatically it will recognize all the numbers in your contacts who have used the WhatsApp service.So, you can save your time to invite or add it manually.
The disadvantage is a group chat that could only accommodate 15 people. Maybe this is not a significant problem if you rarely do group chat.

Kakaotalk Messenger

Almost same with whatsapp, kakaotalk also can use for chat and send multimedia file. Ones from Kakaotalk is Plus Frinds, this feature is selebrity content that make you receive your idol news update.
For friend chat, Kakaotalk using ID (like YM), you can invite and add friend manually.

Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is chat application that allow user to chat or share files through wifi nor 3Gdata. For sharing files feature, user must install ‘file kicker’ plugin. The intresting point from this application, you can share your sketch using sketchee and show it to your chat friends. Various emoticon give another plus in this application.

Line Messenger

Line Messenger is another chat applications, have almost same features with other. User can chat or share their file or Call their chat friend. Identification from Line messenger like at kakaotalk that add people in contact that already use this service. for add a new friend user must send a sms invitation to get other user approval.


Catfiz is adopt the social network idea. In catfiz user can update their status and other give comment to it (sound familiar..). For chat, user can connect to other even they are not in contact list. As long user remember NIC (user ID), they can start to chat without other party approve it.

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