5 Recommanded Cloud Storage Service for smartphone users

cloud storageData is become another precisious thing these days. Smartphone ability to take a moment (still image / movie), easier connect to internet, as a entertainments device etc. Even smartphone have large internal storage and some device can expand using their external storage. But it’s still having a limit, especially when you want to share a moment with someone in distance place.
Cloud storage is online storage data that using multiple server and can be access for everywhere. This service is making share data become easier. Also using cloud storage service, we can save our backup system or application.

Next, this are 5 cloud storage service that recommended by many smartphone user.


Dropbox is a free storage service that provide up to 2 Gb free space for storage data. Even they just offer small space storage but dropbox is quite popular in Google play.
Dropbox service can be access not only from mobile device; user can install the application in their Windows or Mac.
There is two ways to upload in DropBox service, first drag and drop from their mobile application and second from their web.


Box is another cloud storage service, until this article wrote; Box is offering the most large storage space up to 50Gb. Another interesting point in Box is comment column, so your friend can give a comment to files.
User can make a shortcut to files / folders in their homescreen, it`s makes easier for user to access their storage. But the disadvantage is user must upload files manually because Box service is not offer auto upload.


Sugarsync service is almost same with dropbox, they have auto upload features and offer 5 GB space storage. In Sugarsync user can upload or download files with only sync a folder in their PC / MAC with their cloud storage.
Another advantage from Sugar Sync is user (owner) can grant a file / folder a permission setting, is quite useful especially when those are a share account.

Google Drive

Google is also offering cloud storage service, 5 Gb storage and ability to sync between service storage and PC. An interesting feature that Google offer is converts an image text to document.
Until this article is written, Google still not provide ability to collaboration file.


Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One today is not limited to Ubuntu users; they were open to other OS to. Ubuntu One Offer 5 Gb free space storage and have most complete features from other storage service.
For synchronize Ubuntu one give user a freedom to choose more than one folder to sync. Ubuntu One also support bandwidths limitation for upload and download.


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