A common misconception among android users


 As an open source operating system, Android user have a change to tweak their device. Android device is also have a great range, from low end to high end. The android flexibility can be a advantage but also have disadvantage.
Many people try to close this holes, from how to make battery stay much longer until change some script to get better result in benchmark.

To cover the disadvantage and improve the android ability, there are several things that suggested, but truly it did not really need to do. And probably can be said this is a common misconception (but it seems reasonable).

More free RAM = no lag / smooth / faster

Android device can be group as their specification (low – mid low – high end etc). In mid / low end and older device, RAM that they got usually less then 512 mb (can be lower than this).

Logically, to run application RAM is needed .. more free RAM means an application can use more RAM equal with faster/smooth app.

RAM is a hardware that can store and process data, this hardware main job are support the processor to store active application so when user call an application, processor doesn`t need to run application from beginning.

fact: Did you know, Android version 2.1 to up have an auto system that can read process in RAM and make decision which apps that can reduce or kill. This process run very smooth until user doesn’t realize that android was clean their RAM Using Application that can kill unused application mean make processor need to rerun the application from scratch, the effect it`s took time to open an application.

Free RAM = save power = battery can stay much longer

fact: Doesn`t matter how much application that process in RAM, it`s took same power level. But processor need more power when load new application from flash storage than load from RAM

Wifi connection can kill battery

fact: Truly it doesn`t matter witch one that you use, internal modem (HSDPA) or Wifi, the process that use more power when they scan for network.

In stable connection area, device doesn`t need to maintenance their connection to keep stable. But on the other side, when you always move around and device scan to get new available connection every time they lost previous source, this process need a lot of power.

Benchmark score is everything

fact: Benchmark application give device a performance score. This score get from how fast to read a data, speed write, input output speed, GPU performace. But something that you must know, that score is not something that determine your have a great device or not.
As an example, for high-end device with default android the score is around 1500, mid device with default android the score is around 600. And after you made some tweak and modification, mid device will get score 2500 and high-end get score 6000.

Multiple RAM script = super RAM script!

fact: RAM script is a script that makes RAM work with efficient. RAM script is not process! using multiple RAM script can make overlapping command for RAM. It`s like a boat with many captain, and each of them give orders.

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