A little tips for Samsung Galaxy W I8150

As i knew, Samsung Galaxy W have two variant color. which one is better?
There is no different in spec and OS. So it`s depend on you.

Can i take a screenshoot?
Yes, just press home + power buttons

From what i saw in spec, Galaxy W doesn`t use Gorilla Glass?
That`s true, but Samsung claim that they use strengthened mineral glass to protect the screen.

Is there an easy way to set the brightness?
Just tap and hold the notification bar (at top), then slide it to set the brightness level

I can not sign in to market, why?
There is 2 method that you can try. First, factory reset (see the dial code here) or add new account.

Factory reset sound scary to me, i`ll the other method, what should i do?

  1. First steps
    1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications
    2. Choose the Google Apps entry.
    3. Select ‘Clear data’,
    4. Choose ‘OK’ to confirm.

    This will delete your Google account details.

  2. Second steps
    1. go to Settings > account and synchronization
    2. Check background data and auto synchron
    3. Add account

How to arrange shortcuts in application?
At application, hold the home left button – edit – select and hold for a few sec, then you can move it.

My galaxy W only stay for 12 hours, is that ok?

Why my SDcard or USB storage have less space than they should be?
it`s normal, every storage device have some space to write their boot information. in Android case maybe it`s MBR

Can i use Samsung Galaxy W to make video call without install any applications?
Yes, it can.

I heard that Samsung Galaxy W is already use Ice Cream Sandwich?
No, the default still gingerbread. Some people use custom ROM so they can make the display like ICS. But Samsung is say, that it will be an upgrade to ICS. so let`s wait and see.

A little tips for Samsung Galaxy W I8150

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