Activate Motorola Photon CDMA Tethering


Motorola Photon CDMA Tethering

  1. Launch Android Wifi Tether, do not start it .. not yet
  2. Choose Setting > Settings
    • Device profile: Google NexusOne
    • Setup mode: Netd(master)
    • Enable Wifi-Encription (optional)
    • Change SSID(optional)
    • LAN, Check MSS clamping (enable)
    • Setting is done, but do not start it.
  3. Place a widget data enabler in homescreen
  4. Turn off the connection (data pack)
  5. Activate tethering, do not connect with other device.
  6. Turn on the connection (data pack)
  7. You`ll meet ’67 mobile ip error’, ignore it and wait until the connection is stable.
  8. Connect other device to photon

note: next, you`ll only need to activate the tethering without disconnect it.

Do With Your Own Risk

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