All in One tool kit for HTC One X

This tools is similiar with All in One tool kit for HTC One V. Develop by hasoon2000, this tool is very easy to use even for a noob.
All in One tool kit for HTC One x

Download HTC One V AIO kit v.1.1 (5833 downloads)

HTC One X AIO kit features

  • Install HTC Drivers
  • Boot into bootloader and recovery
  • Unlock and Relock Bootloader
  • Install Recoveries (can choose between ClockWorkMod / TeamWin Recovery Project / other)
  • Flash Kernels (User Provided Kernel)
  • APK Batch Installer

HTC One X AIO kit installation

  1. Download HTC One X AIO kit v.1.1, Check for tools update
  2. Extract the zip files
  3. Place the extract folder everywhere you like, but do not rename the extract folder!
  4. Run the tool
  5. Unlock bootloader using HTC One V AIO kit
  6. At top left field, click at number 1, Install HTC Driver
  7. wait until the tool finish install the driver
  8. click at number 2, Register at HTCDev
  9. You`ll need internet connection for this, htcdev site will open.
  10. Login into htcdev / register.
  11. After you got login, go back to tool, do not close the browser
  12. Connect the HTC One X to PC/laptop
  13. Click at number 3, Get tokenID
  14. a command prompt will open, if your device is connect corectly a tokenID will come up.
  15. Copy the tokenID and back to htcdev site
  16. paste the tokenID and submit it.
  17. Open your email, the htcdev will send the tokenID to email, download the attachement
  18. Place the downloaded file to folder /data inside HTC One X AIO kit v.1.1 folder
  19. Click at number 4, Submit tokenID
  20. Click at number 5, unlock bootloader

Flashing recovery, kernel and root using HTC One X AIO kit

note! Make sure that your HTC One X is already unlock bootloader

  1. At recovery field, you can choose stock / custom recovery that you want.
  2. than click flash recovery
  3. At kernel field, select stock / custom kernel
  4. than click flash kernel
  5. At extras field, select Root (GB/ICS)
  6. Click Run to root

Don`t forget to say thank to hudsoon2000 for this tool.

Do With Your Own Risk

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