All Possible method to root lenovo A706

There some method that you can use to root on Lenovo A706.  From methods that use flashing through recovery or use a third-party application.  Choose the method that suit for you.

Let’s get started …

Rooting Lenovo A706 via Frameroot

This is the easiest way, even for beginners though.

  1. Download and install Framerootv 1.6.0 in device you
  2. Run the application and select SuperSU > Gandalf
  3. Did a reboot and you’re done

very easy is not it?

Lenovo A706 Rooting using the Vroot

Custom recovery is not require in this method, just download the application and follow the instructions. Application that we use is a third-party application, Root Master, you can download from link below.

This method steps is actually almost  same with root Lenovo ideatab A1000.

Root Master itself is a application that could be the root of many devices (not limited to lenovo only). This way is very easy, it is highly recommended if you want to avoid trouble

Rooting Lenovo A7606 using CWM Recovery

This method requires a device already installed CWM Recovery. Then download this file root_for_a706, also we use for flashing.

  1. Copy root_for_a706 to your SDcard (external)
  2. Turn off the device and boot into recovery mode by press and hold Power + Volume [+] buttons until recovery menu appears on your screen
  3. then select the option “Install zip from SDcard” > “Choose zip from SDcard”, select the root_for_a706 file and continue
  4. Wait until the entire process is complete and reboot your device.

Rooting Lenovo A706 using ADB

This method could in palai to do root on a stock ROM Lenovo A706 018 version or newer, which are not able to use this methods flashing CWM

for this method you need “Root A706 Grapeseed .zip“.  ADB is include in this file so  you no longer need bother to install Android SDK for before install ADB

  1. After you download the Root .zip A706 Grapeseed extract file to do this, to position the drive is up to you. In the extract results folder you will find a folder with the name Roota706
  2. copy files with CWM-SuperSU-v 0.94 .zip into your Lenovo A706
  3. Install driver Lenovo (only if your computer is not installed the drivers)
  4. In Device you do not forget to enable USB Debugging (Settings > Developer options > USB debugging)
  5. Using micro USB cable, connect  PC/Laptop with Lenovo A706.  In this step the driver will also be installed, wait until this process is complete
  6. After the above steps are completed, open a command prompt and navigate to the path where you are working to extract file “Root A706 Grapeseed .zip” folder, go to  adb folder, then type

    adb reboot bootloader

    this command will make your device when booting and rebooting will be halted on the logo. You need to know, windows will install the drivers once again (for the first installation takes time)

  7. Next you need to check what devices are connected correctly, type

    fastboot devices

    If the device is connect properly then the device ID will show up

  8. Continue with this step if only the previous step was successful, type

    fastboot boot recovery.img

    CWM recovery main menu will appear on your device screen.

  9. Select Install Zip from SDcard > Choose zip from SDcard and select the file “CWM-SuperSU-v 0.94 zip.”
  10. The next steps, approve the installation and wait until the flashing process is completed.
  11. Reboot your device.

As a note, for a newer ROM then 020 version, “Developer options” is no longger exist. You can directly connect device to PC/laptop

Other Root Method

Another method which can be trying to do root Lenovo A706 is to use SRS root. This application is quite easy in use and almost all android-based devices can be in the root

For the latest System Root (1.22) Please try rooting with the method Framaroot

Install SuperSU After Rooting

SuperSU is an additional application, in some the root method is already included in it. But if there isn’t, you can try download it from Google or other places where the PlayStore you could get your app for android.
After installing the application, run the SupersU application. When there is question of SU binary for the update then do it.
Furthermore there will be a confirmation to install SU binarry, answered OK and wait until finished.
To verify that superSU installed properly, close and then rerun the application.

This application probably will stop functional after OTA update , do not panic. SuperSU works only on a device that is already in root condition, you just need to root your device again.

Other notes about  OTA firmware update failure

When you try to OTA update and failed, try to check the settings in the SuperSU, select Full Unroot. But in normal condition, root device is not the the cause of this.
Do With Your Own Risk!!

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All Possible method to root lenovo A706

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