Android Ice Cream Sandwich Launching

android icecream

California – Google is ready to circulate variant of “dessert” is the latest, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, no later than 2 months.

“We have a new operating system. We call it the Ice Cream Sandwich and will be released in October or November,” said Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, in a question and answer at the conference, Dreamforce, San Francisco, as quoted by CNET, Friday, September 8, 2011.

Launch period is compatible with previous reports which reported that Google is trying to promote the launch of the Android version of the original plan, namely the end of 2011.

Especially now being discussed about the warm-warm the iPhone will be launched October 5. Google certainly does not want to trigger Android users drool with the emergence of Apple’s latest products.

Ice Cream Sandwiches incorporates elements reported in the Honeycomb and Gingerbread, and have the ability to unify all Android devices in one platform. The platform also says could improve the system in the device to be able to work well on smartphones and tablets as well.

Developers ICS will receive the latest open-source API that can improve the performance of their applications in a variety of devices and tablets Android smartphone.

This operating system was shown at a Google conference in May. At that time, the technology giant from California showed a video conferencing application that has the ability to detect and automatically zoom.

Nexus Prime made by Samsung is predicted to be the first candidate to use the Ice Cream Sandwich. CNET quoting a Korean media reports say that this device will be launched two months, Schmidt had been fitted with the statement.