Smart Keyboad Tool for auto text

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setting > language & keyboard

smart keyboad

Go to smart keyboard pro settingnya, choose Text prediction, enable Quick Fixes & Show Suggestions
smart keyboad

Goes int to custom autotext.

smart keyboad pro

If custom AutoText entry ok, then select the add autotext.
At first column the following word fill with word that you want to replaced with autotext symbols, eg: peluk(hug)

The second column Will be replaced by the contents of the symbol autotext reply would be used, eg (づ ¯ ³ ¯) づ

So when we type automatic peluk(hug) it will replaced with (づ ¯ ³ ¯) づ

Now you can add autotext that you want to use one by one.

To change the input method you can use smart keyboard pro(press and hold in text box, input selection method will appear , choose the smart keyboard pro), when smart keyboard pro active, every time you type a word that already register for change, they will automatically replace.

smart keyboad pro

smart keyboad pro

Latest and Most importantly, do not forget to backup your settings, so it can be easily restored when reformat / hard reset / application delete.

For backup your setting, choose backup settings, go, select backups to SDcard and ok

the backup files in sdcard /smartkeyboardpro/

smart keyboad pro

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