apple iPhone4s

apple iphone4s


Dimension: 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm; Weight: 140 gram
 iPhone4s has similar design with his predecessor. Similarity not always good, it’s still has vulnerable glass protector on it.


3.5 inch, multitouch, retina display, 960 x 640 pixel, 326 ppi, 800:1 contrast ratio

Retina display screen still amaze iPhone user for deep and dense pixel, but unfortunately iPhone4s have smaller screen compare with 3.5 mm Galaxy S Screen.
Multitouch technology for iPhone4s still become their main advantage, because it fun and a lot of gestures for different function.
Like other apple product, iOS made to understand what the user wants. Multitouch technology for iPhone 4s still become their main advantage, many gesture command that we can use to call different functions.
Comparing with iPhone competitor, resolution and standard ratio don’t give an maximal screen output. Screen dimension that ‘unusual’ make something missing when took a picture or watch some video HD.


CPU: A5 base ARM cortex A-9 Dual core 1GHz, GPU: Power VR SGX543MP2, RAM: 512 MB,Battery: Li-Po 1432 mAh
Ones of the reason why iPhone 4s promising is their chipset. Chipset A5(this chipset using by iPad 2) with Dual core 1GHz Cortex-A9 processor and GPU PowerVR SGX543MP2. With small screen made CPU doesn’t have problem in photography, office, gaming and internet. If iPhone4 still have problem with loading or lag when you play some games, iPhone4s doesn’t.
iOS 5 has some problem ineffective battery usage. But it`s already fixed with iOS ver 5.0.1. but still iPhone 4 has better battery power resistance.


Operating System: Apple iOS5.0; Market: App Store, iTunes Market; Music Player, Video, Youtube
iPhone4s release with iOS5, all features from previously iOS still you can find plus another features ‘that you need’ has implement in this version.

Unique Features – SIRI

Even this features maybe only some people is used it but SIRI still being a magnificent upgrade. This new voice recognition technology would change ‘robotic feels’ in voice recognition device. SIRI learn our words. But using SIRI without connect to internet makes SIRI only uncool robot.
Unfortunately SIRI only has English,Germany and France language recognition.


Main Camera: 8 MP, autofocus, Geo-tagging, video HD (1080p) recorder @30fps; Secondary camera: VGA for self portrait and FaceTime
iOS 5 give viewfinder Grid, HDR and photo edit features without additional applications.8 megapixel camera complete this features. Camera result is very clear and expect our hope, we though that camera sensor made iPhone 4s photo result has upgrade from previous series.
iPhone4s video recorder is upgrade to, now it can record full HD 1080p video with 30 fps speed.


WiFi 801.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP, 3.5 mm audio, GPS
Apple already prepare iPhone 4s in 3G and CDMA version. iPhone 4s don’t have disconnect network problem like iPhone 4. and if you ask about flash support the answer still same, iPhone doesn’t support flash.

iPhone4s  advantage and disadvantage


  • iOS 5
  • Retina Display
  • Application support through Apps Store
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 1080p HD recorder
  • Chipset A5 dual core 1GHz
  • SIRI, virtual assistant
  • Facetime
  • iMessage


  •  FusedBattery
  • No extended memory (memory EXT)
  • Using MicroSIM
  • No Bluetooth data transfer

Conclusion of Apple iPhone4s

If you want the best Apple smartphone, iPhone 4s is the answer. But almost all iPhone 4s features is already in iPhone 4.

comparation iphone4s iphone4

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As you can see iphone4 are getting drastic price reductions, some part have an upgrade to. iPhone4s using dual core apple A5, offering a more powerfull camera and recording, have two series gsm and cdma.

apple iPhone4s

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