Arcane Legends

arcane legends

Are you a fans of MMORPG? Maybe you can try this game.
This game made by Spacetime studios and can be played on Android and iOS.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of three characters provided, deadly rogue, mystical sorcerer, or hulking warrior. Then you can also select a pet that will accompany your adventure in world of Arlor.


Pet in this game have function to help you for the attack the enemy or to search for hidden treasure that scattered. There are 35 pet that you can collect. Pet in the game has a different status bonuses that can affecting your main character.


Control this game is not too hard, like playing with your PC will help with tricks or shortcuts to open the options available.

For graphics, this game has a high quality graphics and very details. The animation in the game is very smooth and the dialogue between the characters was at present in an interesting way.


This game is worth for your to try, it`s forever free and requires an internet connection to play it.

Wanna try? you can download it from google play, chrome store or iStore

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