Asus eee pad Slider vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

compare: asus eee pad slide vs samsung galaxy tab 10.1
Comparing Asus eee pad Slider and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hardware, performance, camera and tablet design


Asus eee pad Slider have advantage in slide physical qwerty keyboards, meanwhile Samsung galaxy tab keyboard are sell separately. But physical keyboard also have disadvantage, the weight. Eee Pad Slider is heavier and thicker than Galaxy Tab (960gr vs 565gr) .


Even both of them have same screen dimension (10”) but Samsung claim that Galaxy Tab using gorilla glass to protect the screen from scratch, Asus also claim using screen guard but never said what it is.
Screen responsive is same, eee pad and galaxy tab have capacitive screen. The difference came when the auto brightness is turn off, galaxy tab color is more pleasing to eyes.


For Processors, Galaxy Tab 10 using Dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 and Eee pad processor using 1-GHz Nvidia Tegra 2. The difference can saw in GPU, Galaxy tab 10” have GPU Mali-400MP but eee pad doen`t have a specific GPU.

Operating System

As default operating system, Android Ice Cream Sandwich in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10”, Asus eee pad still using HoneyComb.


From specification, Asus have camera with 1.2 MP Front and 5 MP Rear, meanwhile Samsung have camera 2 MP Front and 3.15 MP Rear. Without LED flash image that took from eee pad in low light makes the image result is below Galaxy Tab. Look like Samsung give the Galaxy Tab adaptive camera lens, so when the flash Light is turn off, the image result still better that Eee pad.
In video recorder result, Eee pad can produce full HD 1080p movie and Galaxy Tab only HD 720p


Antutu Benchmark, Galaxy Tab 10” has 4803 point and Eee pad has 5107 point.
Quadrant Standart, Galaxy Tab 10” has 2355 point and Eee pad has 1673 point.
An3DBench, Galaxy Tab 10” has 7526 point and Eee pad has 8946 point.
Benchmark CPU, Galaxy Tab 10” has 3154 point and Eee pad has 3096 point.

Asus eee pad Slider vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Conclusions

When it`s come to average point, both of them is same. Some Samsung Galaxy Tab that can be advantage point is Android ice cream sandwich, processor, GPU, and camera (low light in door). Mean while Asus Eee Pad Slide advantage point, physical qwerty keyboard and High resolution camera.
Personal Opinion, Galaxy Tab and Eee Pad Slide have their own user. With hardware specification is Galaxy Tab is suitable for gaming but not for office work. 10” screen have disadvantage when must type in landscape mode, keys in middle is hard to reach with thumbnail except user try hard or have a big hand. Eee Pad Slide can be the choice for they that usually using tablet for office work, even eee Pad is the heavier tablet (almost 1kg) but still is lighter than notebook.

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