Auto Brightness Sony Xperia S Screen

As a default, Sony has been disable the auto brightness feature in Xperia S, so stop wasting time search the option for that feature. Here`s some trick to enable auto brightness screen feature. And yes, you can do this trick without root Xperia S.


  • Download Spare parts
  • Download Notification Toggle or other brighness application that have auto-brighness option

Enable auto brightness screen xperia S

  1. launch Spare Parts
  2. Scroll down to brightness and check/enable Automatic
  3. Close spare parts
  4. launch Notification Toggle
  5. Enable brighness toggle
  6. Set to 18%, this step require to make auto brighness work and 18% is the lowest sensor value that it can read
  7. Check/enable Choice
  8. Select Automatic
  9. Save and reboot

Download Support Files

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