Backup Android Data for Begginer

backup android data

When you need a backup?
Maybe a question that should not be ask when you will need it. Backup is not a necessary but it’s good idea to did it, especially for precaution if some problem occurs on your android.

You can backup from your android is contact list, SMS, pictures, videos, music, ROM, the device settings and other data in your device. there are a variety of methods to backup android . Here`s few methods you can try or choose that suit with your needs.

Android Backup for unroot device

This is a free application that you can try, the Ultimate Backup Tool. An application that built by xda-developers member, Gigadroid. This application is easy and can work in android that not in root condition. This application has a version of windows, Linux and Mac.

ultimate backup tool

This application is very easy to use, even for beginners.

Backup Using Ultimate Backup Tool

1. Start the application the Ultimate Backup Tool

2. Connect the device to be backed up with a PC/Laptop

3. you and wait until your device is recognized. If your device is not recognize then you try to install the driver by clicking on the download button at the top of the drivers.

Check every that you want to backup, by checking the a note this application does not perform backups for recovery, system and is cached.

Android Backup to root android device

For android device that has been root, there more option to make backup. So i`ll pick the easiest method. Using Backup application from market.
Backup application that recommended by many user is Titanium backup. It`s easy to use even for beginner. Titanium backup has 2 versions, free and pro.

titanium backup

Before using this application, make sure that your android device is in root condition or this application does not work properly.

Backup Using Titanium Backup

1. Make sure the device are root .

2. Download and install titanium backup application on your device.

3. Run the application and perform a selection of just about anything that you want to backup.

Restore backup data

To restore data from backup file is quite easy, because each application has the facility to restore backup files.

For restore backup files make sure using same application . Do not to force backup ROM from other device to your device. In some case, incompatible ROM can make your device brick.


Backup application is not only two application that mention above. there`s many backup application that you can find in market. But remember to read other opinion about those application.

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