Camera tweaking in Samsung Galaxy Gio

By default Samsung Galaxy Gio parameter is Superfine(90%), fine(80%) and normal(70%). This default parameter can be change to better quality.

  1. Install mount application system at samsung galaxy gio that already root
  2. Conect the Gio via USB
  3. Run mount system and choose mount r/w
  4. At Windows, start menu -> Run, type cmd
  5. Now type

    adb shell su
    chmod 777 /system/etc

  6. open another cmd and type

    adb pull /system/etc/media_profiles.xml

  7. using notepad++ (or similiar application) open and edit media_profiles.xml
  8. Inside media_profiles.xml find and edit

    <ImageEncoding quality=”90″ />
    <ImageEncoding quality=”80″ />
    <ImageEncoding quality=”70″ />
    <ImageDecoding memCap=”20000000″ />

    Edit to

    <ImageEncoding quality=”100″ />
    <ImageEncoding quality=”90″ />
    <ImageEncoding quality=”80″ />
    <ImageDecoding memCap=”25000000″ />

  9. Save file
  10. back to first terminal windows (adb shell step 4)

    cd /system/etc
    mv media_profiles.xml media_profiles.xml.bak

  11. Go to the second command windows (step 6), type

    adb push media_profiles.xml /system/etc

  12. From first terminal windows (step 4), type

    adb shell reboot

Camera result


Do With Your OWn Risk!!
thank to imonix for provide the image.

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