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Sony Xperia Z3 Troubleshooting

Here is some troubles that may occur in Sony Xperia Z3 device, by users experiance.

The Reasons Why You Should Root Android

Root android is give you a full privilege access into your android system. the benefits is modification system, using custom ROM, or other modification.

Things that you should know about Sony Xperia Z

find out that you want to know about sony xperia z, xperia z is a bit different with zl series. for a new user you also can find important note and hope this answer some of your question

Alternative Virtual Keyboard for Android

Virtual keyboard is one feature that most often we use on our smartphones.  as the main […]

Users Recommended Application for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Like other operating system, android have many application that can support their system to run smoothly […]

A little tips for Samsung Galaxy W I8150

As i knew, Samsung Galaxy W have two variant color. which one is better? There is […]

Most asking from Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (GT P1000) New Users

This are the question that ussually asking by Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ new users. Galaxy Tab […]