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Camera tweaking in Samsung Galaxy Gio

By default Samsung Galaxy Gio parameter is Superfine(90%), fine(80%) and normal(70%). This default parameter can be […]

Timescape on CyanogenMOd

Timescape on CyanogenMOd for Samsung Galaxy Gio   How to Install Timescape

Samsung Galaxy Gio ROM Cy4noobsMod

About [ROM] Cy4noobsMod- Cy4noobsMod or Cyanogen for noobs Mod is not a custom rom but a […]

Samsung Galaxy Gio custom ROM GioPro v1.4

Whats new?

Building Samsung Galaxy Gio Android Kernel from Source

Tools that you need to build the kernel git ARM Compiler Toolchain Kernel Source Code

Flash Player For Samsung Galaxy Gio

How to install flash player in samsung galaxy gio Download flash player Install flash player (find […]

New Samsung Galaxy Gio Overclock Kernel

What is new in this Samsung Galaxy Gio Overclock Kernel? support ext3, ext4, tun, cifs, bln […]

Galaxy Gio Custom ROM Jonas Hendrickx’s v3.1

Jonas Hendrickx’s ROM is all about battery, performance and stability. Another ROM like GioPro, SimpliGio, and […]

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Gio

Downgrade Samsung galaxy gio that already upgrade to gingerbread can make the firmwire crash and going to brick mode (can not download, completely shut down).
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Samsung Galaxy Gio Flashing tutorial

Ok, this a simple tutorial how to flashing android mobile phone. the device is samsung galaxy gio, but don`t worry. Android is android. Wherever device in your hand, as long it`s android the main concept for flashing still the same