Chainfire3D Management in Huawei Mediapad

When chainfire is installed in Huawei Mediapad, there will be 4 driver GPU inside Mediapad.
The original driver from Mediapad ADRENO 220 and 3 others from chainfire (GPU nvidia, PoverVR and Qualcom).
Chainfire3D will drop the Huawei Mediapad GPU quality, because ADRENO 220 is more advance than Chainfire3D. But the main problem is some game is not support ADRENO 220, install Chainfire3D cover it.
To keep the Mediapad performace, some modification is must do. The main idea is make the Chainfire3D only use when it needed and let ADRENO take care the rest.

Manage the ChainFire3D GPU Driver

Manage the 4 GPU Driver that already install will keep the Huawei Mediapad performace. Like mention above, let the Chainfire3D handel the game that not support ADRENO.

  1. Open ChainFire3D
  2. Select Default OpenGL Settings
  3. Check only Unrole Texture
  4. User Plugins
    • None: Use Default GPU, Adreno 220
    • NVidia: use GPU driver NVidia Tegra (downgrade GPU)
    • PoweVR: use GPU driver PoerVR (downgrade GPU)
    • Qualcom: use GPU driver Qualcom

Usage sample

  • Game: Desertwind
    will work if the plugin select is none (using GPU Adreno 220)
  • Game: NFS Shift
    will work if the plugin select is nVidia (using GPU NVidia tegra)

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