Change Default Andoid launcer

This tutorial using rootexplorer and titaniumbackup as an optional application. For android launcher you can get from Recommanded Android Launcer Homescreen Application

Method 1 : Manually change default android launcher

  1. open rootexplorer
  2. go to System > App
  3. Find tw.launcer.apk
  4. make backup file from tw.launcer.apk, you can duplicate the file or rename the original one.
  5. get the new launcer, ex GO Launcher EX. Copy the launcher and paste to system > app
  6. Rename it become go.launcher.atw (the name can be different depend on launcer file that you use).
  7. Set the permission for go.launcher.atw

    x x 0
    x 0 0
    x 0 0

  8. done

note: Do not install, just copy the file. but if it`s already installed, you can use titaniumbackup just press at launcher until the option is show up then select convert to system apps.

Method 2 : Change default android launcher using TitaniumBackup

  1. Install the launcher that you want to use and make it as default
  2. Launch TitaniumBackup
  3. Select Backup/restore
  4. hold the launcer until the option show up then select convert to system app, for overwrite the default launcher (don`t forget to backup the default launcer)

Do with your own risk

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