Change LG Optimus one into Optimus 2x


  • Custom ROM CyanogenMod 7 GingerBread (pick one)
    • GB mik (beta6.5.5)
    • GB mik (6.5.7)
    • GB andy (latest version RC4.1)
    • Void. #forever
  • Gapps (only if you using Void. #forever)
  • Void Add on

    • Void. Add-on1
    • Void. Add-on2 (browser, calendar, FM radio, Theme Chooser)
    • CM Setting
  • Debug_system
  • Custom Kerner (pick one)
    • FrancoKernel (16.1BFS)
    • FrancoKernel (17BFS)
    • FrancoKernel (17CFS)
    • FrancoKernel (18BFS)
    • FK 19.1 BFS
    • FK 19.1 BFS
  • Zram
  • Recovery (pick one)
    • App2sd DarkTremor
    • Data2sd Ungaze (recovery AmonRa only)
  • A2sd GUI for DarkTremor

Read tutorial for recovery, partition SDcard

Important!! backup your data before flashing!!

How to change LG optimus One into optimus 2x

  1. Turn off your cellphone
  2. Press and hold volume[-] + Menu key + Power buttons, it will boot in recovery mode
  3. Select “Wipe everything
  4. Connect Optimus One to PC/laptop
  5. Copy debug_system -> unmount -> flash from sdcard to PC
  6. Partition SDcard
    1. swap 0
    2. sd ext min 512mb
    3. convert ext2 to ext3 to ext4
      if you want use ungaze ext2 is enough
      If using clockworkmod the default is ext3
  7. copy rom -> unmount -> flash from sdcard to PC
    • If you are using custom ROM gingerbread andy, flashing is enough (clockworkmod only), Reboot, go to step 10
    • If you are using custom ROM Void. #Forever flashing is enough (clockworkmod / AmonRa), reboot, go to step 9.1
    • If you are using cutom ROM gingerbread mik, flashing (AmonRa / clockwordmod), reboot
  8. flash Franco Kernel (AmonRa/ClockWorkMod) then reboot
  9. flash Zram (AmonRa/ClockWorkMod) then reboot
    custom ROM VOID. only

    1. flash Void. Add-on1 -> reboot
    2. flash Void. Add-on2 -> reboot
    3. flash CM setting -> reboot
  10. flash a2sd DT/data2sd ungaze (AmonRa/CWM), reboot
  11. flash gapps -> reboot (if you are using custom ROM Void. skip this step)
  12. If using Darktremor
    1. run a2sd application
    2. Select GUI -> apps are internal storage, automatically move application to SDcard partition and auto reboot
    3. after booting, run a2sd
    4. GUI -> Dalvik -> Dalvik Cache on SD-Ext -> move and rebuilt, automatically move dalvik cache to SDcard Partition and auto reboot
  13. Good luck

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

Pick one from custom ROM below

Pick one from kernel below

Pick one from recovery application

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