Change the stock kernel Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray with DooMKernel

The advantage using change the stock kernel with DooMKernel is:

  • Improve the performance from Sony Ericsson xperia ray
  • Overclock Suport
  • Your xperia ray will automatically root.

Change Stock kernel with DooMKernel

  1. Turn off the Xperia Ray and make sure that microUSB cable is plug in X-Ray
  2. Extract fastboot + android USB
  3. Open \Fastboot_Android_USB_with_DooMKernel_v01_Ray_Hury iw\fastboot folder
  4. Hold on SHIFT button + right click on empty coloum, Find “Open command window here” and click it.
  5. A dialog box “C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe” will pop up.
  6. Now, Press and hold volume[+] and connect the USB to PC
  7. Windows will ask you to install driver, lead them to \Fastboot_Android_USB_with_DooMKernel_v01_Ray_Hury iw\usb_driver
  8. Choose “Instal anyway”
  9. See if there is any respons in command prompt, if yes, did you see a text like “0.3”? It`s mean that xperia ray is connect properly
  10. At command prompt, type

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

  11. Enter and done
  12. Remove the USB cable and turn on your Xperia Ray
  13. Go to settings -> about phone, see at Kernel version : doomlord@doombox #1

Do With Your Own Risk!!!

Download Support File

Download Fastboot + Android USB (19 downloads)

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