Checking Samsung Galaxy Note Camera Defects

Checking Pink Spot in Samsung Galaxy Note

The best time to detect the “pink spot” is during the day by pointing the camera into the white area.

How? When the camera focused on a white field, observe the on-screen display “samsung note”. is barely visible pink color? if so, then you’re out of luck.
But it does not mean “pink spot” is becoming a serious problem, unless you are a photographer or perfectsionist.

The presence of pink spots are generally caused by poor camera module.
If you feel you need to restore and use your warranty for this. It is possible that “samsung note” you will be replaced, or just in repair by replacing certain parts. It depends on your warranty.

If you feel the “pink spot” is not really matter, there are tips you can try to avoid or reduce the effects of the pink spot.

Take an image that has enough lighting and use the LED flash to add light, especially when taking pictures indoor.

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