Clean Master – Easy to Fix Slow Android


The working principle of a smartphone that looks like a PC, demanding the device to always provide adequate memory remains so that all applications can run smoothly.

However, many applications pre install are installed on your smartphone will certainly fulfill the remainder of the unused memory because the cache data and other junk files that were left behind.

Some users root their device for able to install application that can transfer from internal memory to the external memory memory.

Clean Master can be your alternate option if you do not want to bother rooting your device.

Fix Slow Android using Clean Master

  1. Download and install, Clean Master.
  2. For clean memory space and junk files please select “Junk files and Clean Master” will automatically scan the junk files on your Android device.
  3. Next tap “Clean Junk” to begin to clean up junk files that meet the storage space of your cell phone.
  4. Next tap “Memory Boost” and Clean Master will scan the entire application in device and tell the quantity of memory that can be released and each of those applications.
  5. Next tap at “App Manager” ,you can use this option to uninstall applications on Android device. Check on applications that you want to remove and tap uninstall button.
  6. Users who want to save RAM usage can also disable the default application by selecting “pre-installed Apps”. Next you choose the disable button for deactivate the application.

Clean Master – Easy to Fix Slow Android

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