ClockworkMod Recovery

What is ClockworkMod Recovery / CWM?

In short, it is a recovery console CWM / mode (HOME + POWER) who already in customization with tambhan2 functions such as recovery, backups / restore, installation etc. who are in recovery console ga / android default mode (clay ss).

Generally, the most function used is the backup and restore.

  • Backup / backup Nandroid
    Hp backup system, including internal memory and all partitions and store it into the sdcard. The results of the backup folder with the name (no spaces) as the date-month-year. The workings of this feature will perform backups of the ROM that we use at the time. Let’s suppose you when using a custom ROM GioPro backup, then when you do a restore will automatically use the custom ROM GioPro. Restore is not just limited to the ROM, but all applications that we had during our backups. This feature is very useful if you are fond of trying different firmware. by performing a restore using the CWM we do not have to flash back and reinstall a many applications
  • Restore
    Its function is obvious as the name suggests, returns the appropriate conditions for hp previous conditions. If you have a variety of backups from the ROM, will be very easy if you are going to change the ROM. Only with a little time your hp will be just like you want it

Tips for ClockWorkMod

  • You can rename each backup folder as your desire. but make sure the folder name have no spaces, eg = “Giopro_Link2sd”, not “Giopro Link2sd”. This causes a failure during the restore process.
  • If you are using ClockWorkMod and want to install the zip file but failed, for example file of “UOT Kitchen”, it is advisable to do mount system used on the mount and storage.

For full function you can find here

Download ClockwordMod Recovery

ClockworkMod Recovery-MD5 (file \"md5\". Install with ODIN method ONEPACKAGE.) (870)
ClockworkMod Recovery-ZIP (file ZIP. Install through recovery mode) (1738)

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