Compare: HTC Sensation XE vs Sony Xperia S

compare sensation XE vs xperiaS

Compare review Smartphone with dual processor 1,5 GB with Gingerbread OS, HTC Sensation XE vs Sony Xperia S


From phone dimension Sensation XE and Xperia S have similar size, but Xperia is more heavier than Sensation XE.
HTC: 12.6 x 6.54 x 1.13, 151 gr
Xperia 12.8 x 6.4 x 1.06, 144 gr

HTC rear body cover with aluminium this make HTC feel more like premium mobile phone. HTC using unibody design for their Rear cover. So when the battery cover remove only LCD and gorilla glass are left. Inside the rear cover the battery, SIM card and microSD is placed

Meanwhile in Xperia S, Sony made this phone using plastic material with doff for finisihing. When the rear cover are remove, the micro Sim will easily to access, but the battery are placed inside the alumunium frame


Even screen dimension almost same, but xperia S screen resolution is more higher than sensation XE. Xperia S screen have 720x1280px with -342 ppi pexel density and Sensation XE 540x960px with -256px density.
At outdoor, they show their quality as high end smartphone, the screen still readable even under the sun. As a note, xperia S have another advantage in screen technology, Sony mobile Bravia engine technology makes screen works more optimal.


In hardware section, look`s like the xperia is the winner. Even both of them using same dual core 1.5 GHz scorpion processor with GPU adreno 220 and using chipset qualcomm MSM 8260 Snapdragon, but Xperia S have 1GB RAM and Sensation XE only 768MB RAM.
Another point plus for Xperia S is in the internal storage. Sensation XE is only have 1GB internal storage meanwhile Xperia S have 32 GB internal storage. Landslide winner …


Sensations XE have the newer version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth v3 meanwhile Xperia S still using Bluetooth v2. But even without the newer version of Bluetooth, xperia S have NFC. NFC (Near field communication) is a technology that makes easier to data exchange. In some country is already use this technology as legal e-money payment.


Once again, Sony Xperia S beat HTC Sensation XE in camera section. Sensation XE have the advantage in instant capture, this feature make user doesn`t wait to long for auto camera focus before took a picture. But it`s still not enough to beat Xperia S that have 12MP camera (sensation XE 8MP). In max resolution image result, xperia S is 4000×3000 px and Sensation XE 3864x2448px.
Xperia S camera is support with Exmor R censors, this helps a lot when took picture in low lights. For movie recording, their both can result full HD movie, but only Xperia S that can record HD movie using the secondary camera.

Operating system and User Interface

Xperia S and Sensation XE use Android Gingerbread as their default operating system. But they promise that it will update to Ice Cream Sandwich soon.
Even have same OS series, each one have different UI. HTC with Sense UI and Sony with Timescape UI.


Using quadrant standards: Sony Xperia S have score 3199 and HTC Sensation XE have score 2493
Using Antutu Benchmarks: Sony Xperia S have 6652 and HTC Sensation XE have score 4791

Comparing Sony Xperia S and HTC Sensation XE Conclusions

Even Xperia S and Sensation XE almost have same specs in hardware, but Xperia S give more better result. Screen, Performance, Image and Video Result and bancmark result prove it. HTC maybe is not winner in this round. But Even those HTC still have advantage in Sound Quality.

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