Connect PS3 Controller to LG G2

connect-ps3-controller-to-lg-g2Mobile gaming is always grow up. This simple tutorial makes your LG G2 become a mobile gaming device (look like) nvidia Shield or Moga Pro.

If you saw picture above, they made from LG G2, Dual shock 3 PS 3., duct tape and plywood. Yups … it`s DIY mobile gaming device ūüėÄ


Hardware preparation

  • Sony Original Dualshock 3 stick ¬†(Must!! otherwise it can not work)
  • Gaming rig (buy or made it)
  • MiniUSB data cable

Software Preparation

Settings Dualshock 3 for LG G2

  1. Copy and install Sixaxis Controller in your LG G2 then run the application.
  2. At bottom right corner, you will see¬†¬†‘Local Bluetooth Address: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx‘,¬†take a note for this address.
  3. Install Sixaxis Pair tool in your PC/Laptop, this application only run in Windows
  4. Connect The DualShock 3 Joystick to PC/Laptop using USB cable
  5. Run Sixaxis Pair Toll
  6. Chance option from “Change Master” to Bluetooth Address that you got from previous step.
  7. Remove The DualShock 3 Joystick from PC/Laptop
  8. Run Sixaxis Controller in your LG G2, then click start.
  9. This application will search the controller that have same address.
  10. Wait until¬†‘Client 1 Connected [Battery Status:Full/Low]’ appear, that mean your controller device is recognize and ready to use.

In some case, Bluetooth connection is failed or you don`t have Original controller,  you can use USB OTG for direct connection from LG G2 to controller.  the disadvantage, you can not charging and playing at same time.

Almost all games in Play store is compatible with game pad, let say .. Emulator2, Dead Trigger, Seri Asphalt, Riptide GP, etc

Have fun!!

Download Support File

credit for dryod

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