Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab to TV/Monitor/Projector

connect galaxy tab to tv
One of the disadvantage from Galaxy Tab is it does`t have a HDMI port. From some people this port become very helpful to show their presentation with other device such as Monitor or projector or Television (i am sure it have a large screen).

For able to do this, you`ll need Samsung HDTV adapter.

Then HDMI to HDMI cable

Here`s some illustration how to assemble all of the items


  1. Connect HDMI cable to HDMI slot at monitor / TV
  2. Connect HDMI cable to HDTV adapter
  3. Connect Smasung Galaxy Tab 7+ charger to HDTV adapter
  4. Connect From HDTV adapter to Galaxy Tab 7 plus

Display on screen (on TV) has reduce from that we saw in Galaxy Tab. In Galaxy Tab P1000 + TV out it have some advantage on how it will show in TV.

In test to connect Galaxy Tab to Monitor or Projector that still using VGA port Using HDTV to VGA cable, The display doesn`t show up in Monitor / projector. So the best solution is find Monitor or projector that support HDMI.


some credit go to motosuki, thanks 😀

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