Create Android BootAnimation


credit: xda-developer

Making your own android bootanimation is not difficult as you think. The bootanimation like your dream maybe is hard to find, but if you have an idea why not try to make your own bootanimation?

What you should prepare to make bootanimation? Relax, dont think to far, the tools are simple.

Tools that you need to make bootanimation:

  1. Image editing application
    As long it can edit an image, it can be use. Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, MS Paint, SAI, Corel Photopaint .. etc
  2. Plain text editor
    Working with script you should have a plain text editor. A high end such as microsoft office or open office cannot produce a plain text result, even it can make a txt file. Notepad is ok, but it`s better to use notepad++. Web code build also can be use, such as rapidPHP, Dreamweaver .. etc
  3. zip application
    A compress file application, such as 7z, winzip, winRAR.


Inside there`s 2 element that makes an animation works.

  • PNG image
    bootanimation are build from PNG image sequance. PNG image file has name with number such as 00001.png; 00002.png and soon. Up to 32 bit PNG are support.
    How many image that need to build a bootable image is depend how long the bootanimation will play. As a sample, with 30 fps(frame per sec) you need 900 image to make 30 seconds animation.
  • Folder (usually have name with increasing number)
    As default, the first folder have name part0. The folder function is more like scene. it will help you to arrange and group some images with same timeline. next folder have increasing by number, such as part1, part2 … etc.
    PNG files inside the folder have a name with number after the previous folder. so, if in part0 folder has ended with 00030.png then in part1 folder start with 00031.png.
  • desc.txt
    The desc.txt is define how the images in folders are played during the bootanimation.
    Following format that used in desc.txt:

    Width Height Frame-rate
    p Loop Pause Folder1
    p Loop Pause Folder2

    Here`s the example

    480 800 25
    p 1 0 part0
    p 0 0 part1

    Width and height, is depend on the your phone resolution.
    Frame-rate, how many image that play in one second.
    p loop, it`s define how many times the animation in folder will loop. Give 0 value will makes the animation will loop until the phone fully boot.
    Folder1, yup .. it name folder that we already told you above.

Animation image

Here`s is the basic of bootanimation, a sequence image. In order to make a smooth animation, every image should not have a big difference. it`s the basic.


Even we told you using image editor, but it`s ok to use other application that can make movie/image sequance. let`s see, 3d max, maya, premiere, after effect, gif animator ..etc


In simple words:

  1. Make sequance images
  2. Separated to folder, to determine which one that have single and unlimited loop
  3. edit desc.txt according the target result.
  4. Select desc.txt and folders and do compress using zip application, the result must have name
  5. done.


  • Keep the desc.txt as it is, change only the width and height value. change other value is Ok, but Do With Your Own Risk
  • Makes bootanimation that have larger or smaller than the target phone will effect with how it will show in display.
  • Makes bootanimation longger than booting time, in some device will be annoying cause it`s overlaping with the normal boot.

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