Create MBR on SDcard for android phone

In some case, when SDcard was format/erased from android phone, the MBR will deleted. if that happen, you can try ths small application, HDhacker.

How it`s workS?


  • Look at the “Drive to Operate”
  • Then select the bullet “Physical Drive (MBR)”
  • At right section, select the drive that you select as sources for take the Master Boot Sector (select “0” when took from the hard drive (if there is more than one hard drive, will be given numbering respectively).
    Remembered for the Physical Drive, if your HDD is partitioned into three parts, will still be legible a Physical Drive is “0”, if ane had a HDD, FlashDisk, and SD Card, then HDD = 0, FlashDisk = 1, SDCARD = 2, to select the appropriate SDCARD)
    To avoid confusion, remove all the extra storage (floppy, and CDROM not counted as storage) down to 2 which is attached, the HDD agan and SDCARD / FlashDisk
  • Click “Read sector from Disk” Then came “gibberish”
  • Click “Save Sector to File”

The correct MBR that already stored in the file, then next is:

  • Release SDCARD / flash source MBR
  • Plug the SDCARD that wants to repair the MBR
  • Click “Load from File Sector”, select the file you saved earlier
  • IMPORTANT, on the bullet “Physical Drive (MBR)” part right, REPLACED with SDCARD that want ro repair the MBRnya (“1”), do not let the NUMBERS is “0”, the worst scenario your hardisk will be overwrite
    Make sure that the number “1” is selected
  • Then click “Write Sectors on Disk”

and done!!

download hdhacker for fix MBR (2845)

Create MBR on SDcard for android phone

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