Custom Kernel Hyriand for GingerBread 2.3

This custom kernel hybriand already test and work perfectly on simpligio 1.3 (samsung galaxy gio custom ROM), it have possibility works for another ROM as long those ROM is Gingerbread 2.3 base.

How to use Custom Kernel Hyriand

  • reboot and go to ClockWorkMod. mount /system
  • install the¬†Overclock kernel and CF Root¬†files
  • reboot your device
  • Open terminal emulator (you can download from market or use adb shell) and type:

    cd /system

  • at tweak manager, check all option except kernel scheduler and DT autostart, click apply
  • For overcloacking, use setCPU application.
    note: Do not set boot, the risk is bootloop. But if you already do several test and decide a stable clock value, go a head.

Error at root access

Another error possibility is at root access. To resolve this, try to upgrade the busybox to 1.19 or downgrade to 1.17.
If it can`t solve the problem try to use kernel overclock 1GHz without CF-Root and boot animation.

Got Fail? Try another way

You can try this steps if you always got fails to install Hyriand kernel and Cfroot at simpligio 1.3.

  1. Install Clockworkmod
  2. Download Simpligio v1.3 + cf-root + OC support (Credits to: Johnsonister a.k.a Erick Delano)
  3. extract and put those files in SDcard/clockworkmod/backup/
  4. Reboot your device and go to recovery mode (home + power)
  5. Choose Restore, select file at folder sdcard/clockworkmod/backup
  6. reboot
  7. Don`t forget to active the CFRoot(repeat steps no 4 ~ 6)

The problem may occur is like bootloop condition, stuck at bootanimation. But truly, it has been finish boot and ready to use. Try to call your phone to check it.
To resolve this, try to disable the bootanimation using “disable bootanimation” and then flash through recovery. For clockworkmod user don`t forget to mount the system first.

Do With Your Own Risk!!
overclock is dangerous.

Download Support Files

Read tutorial for Root, Unroot, recovery, install custom ROM

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