Customize Missed it! notification

Missed it! is an android application that use for modification notifacion miss call, coming sms and email without need to unlock your phone. At default Missed it! will show the notification with vertical format string like this ..

With little modification you can have Missed it! horizontal notification.

How to make horizontal notification

  1. Open Missed It! application, At menu option choose Output Format -> Customize

    String [nl] mean new line, comparation with HTML is BR code. You can change [nl] with another character, such as “|”.
  2. Insert Parameter that you like.
  3. Unfortunately, today Missed It! version just support gmail. Tab at email account to open parameter settings and string. Parameter setting is your email, and for string is up to you.
  4. At Appearence you can change font, layout, background color and font size.

    tips: if you want add your font, you can make folder “fonts” in SDcard, put your font in there.
  5. Save your customize setting at SDcard

Download Support File

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