Deodex Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Deodex android rom will give us ability to edit apk files. Another advantage doing deodex, it will makes the rom storage have more space. (as a note rom storage is not same with internal storage.) Disadvantage from deodex it will took more internal storage.


  • Download and extract xUltime
  • Download
  • Download apk_update
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket
  • Lastest busybox
  • Lastest java version installed

Deodex Galaxy pocket

  1. Go to settings > application > development
  2. Check USB debugging
  3. Connect the device to pc / laptop
  4. Go to xUltimate extract folder
  5. Run main.exe, wait until option show up.
  6. Select number 1, wait for a moment then select number 2 and wait again.
  7. New files will create (origi_app, origi_frame, done_app, dan done_frame. S)
  8. Go to origi_app then delete :
    • email.apk
    • email.odex
    • gmai.apk
    • gmail.odex
    • GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
    • GoogleQuickSearchBox.odex
    • maps,apk
    • maps.odex
    • phonesky.apk
    • phonesky.odex
    • plusOne.apk
    • plusone.odex
    • samsungapps.apk
    • street.apk
    • street.odex
    • voicesearch.apk
    • voiceserach.odex
    • youtube.apk
    • youtube.odex
  9. run main.exe, pict option number 3, wait until it’s done
  10. Once again, run main.exe, then pict option number 4, and wait.
  11. After prev step done, go to orign_app and find .apk that doesn’t have .odex file , move those file to done_app
  12. Same as above, for files in origi_frame move to done_frame. framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk must to move to prevent bootloop
  13. Extract apk_update.rar and move all files inside to done_app
  14. Open (do not extract)
  15. Then drag all files in done_app to app folder in
  16. Drag all file in done_frame to framework folder in
  17. Save and close, reboot and do flashing trough CWM.
  18. Done

Make sure that your device is already detect by windows before deodex steps

Do With Your Own Risk

Download support File

Deodex Samsung Galaxy Pocket

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