Disable MLT application on LG smartphone

disable-mlt-application-on-lg-smartphoneWhat is MLT?

Some people notice this when they open up their developer menu in LG Smartphone (android base OS). It`s look like this service application create by LG it self, because Google doesn’t known anything distinct about this app.

This application took a lot of RAM to run, it`s around 150 Mb.  To much for background application that you do not need.

About MLT

At first time, people worried the purpose of this application to get their personal information about everything. It is not surprising that opinions will come up. There is no official statement about the purpose of this application.

MLT it self is an application that collect information from phone user concerning porn, suicide, violence, etc. (source: technoblimp)

Deactivate MLT application

  1. Because this application is hidden, there a trick to make it appear in menu. You need is dial this number from your device


    change text with red color with your phone model code

  2. Choose MLT Test
  3. Unchecked “Enabled MLT on boot”
  4. Reboot the device

note: You can found Phone model on the phone box.


Disable MLT application on LG smartphone

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