Disable Samsung Galaxy Note Power Button turn on the Screen

When Samsung Galaxy Note  put on the pocket, the power button accidentally push and wake up/turn on the screen. And as we know, when the screen goes on means it need power too. Consider this little hack will save your battery ..


  • RootExplorer or similiar applications
  • Root Samsung Galaxy Note

Disable Power Button Turn On the Screen

  1. Launch RootExplorer
  2. Go to system > usr > keylayout
  3. Find seckey.kl
  4. Made backup from seckey.kl file.(copy paste in same place then rename or paste to other folder)
  5. Change seckey.kl permission become 0777, so we can edit the file.
  6. Using text editor open seckey.kl
  7. find


    edit become

    KEY 116 POWER

  8. Save the change
  9. Change seckey.kl permission back to 0655
  10. Reboot the device

Do With Your Own Risk

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