Disassemble Samsung Galaxy Y

Step by step to disassembly Samsung Galaxy Y

Make sure that the device is Samsung Galaxy Y (it`s joke ok :D)

Here`s the tool, screwdriver plus and minus

Open the rear case and loose the bolts

Push or poke in the rear body at right area as shown above

The rear case will lift and makes a gap between rear and front case

Carefully separated the rear case from the clasp area

above: sparated rear case and main body

Then to disassamble between pcb area and LCD, do like the picture above

There`s 2 connector between pcb and lcd, watch it carefully

Unplug the connectors

Galaxy Y is disassambled (at left to right: back case, main pcb, LCD

See the gold like part? it`s the expesive part from samsung galaxy y, be carefull when you remove it from LCD

Do With Your Own Risk
credit to ardhieandreas

Disassemble Samsung Galaxy Y

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