Do not format or erase SDcard from android phone

For you who intend to using application that uses the partitioning SD Card, like Link2SD, virtual memory or extreme app2sd

Here is a suggestion, do not ever do formatting / erase the SD Card from your android phone. It is because formatting / erase the android phone will overwrite the Master Boot Record (MBR) on SD Card

The consequences if the MBR is gone, then you will not be able to do partitioning in the mini tool nor EASEUS. each time you create a partition, it will always come back to FAT32 without partitioning. This case was found when using samsung Gio to format / erase SDCARD.

When you create a partition using EASEUS, will be seen the difference, if MBR is found, then the SD Card will be written Disk 2 (MBR), but if the MBR is not found then it will written as Floppy Supper. When this condition occurs, then the SD Card can not be in the partition.

When you create partitioning on SDCARD, any type of disc formatting (FAT32/FAT32 ato FAT32/Ext2 nor using a swap), then to SD Card can be read on a PC / windows, do not using adapter, because it will always read “the disk is not formatted”, use your Card Reader.

how to fix MBR in SDcard