Downgrading iOS 5 To 4.X


  • Download and install itunes (in case you don`t have it)
  • Download TinyUmbrella
  • Download IPSW

Downgrade iOS 5 to 4.x.x

  1. Open itunes
  2. Connect the iPhone to your mac(or PC)
  3. Turn off the iPhone
  4. Press and Hold power + home buttons
  5. After 10 sec, release the power button but still hold the home button
  6. iTunes will recognize the phone, then release the home button. now your in DFU mode
  7. Hold the option key (keyboard) and click the restore button in iTunesĀ ios downgrade 5 to 4.x.x
  8. Find and select the IPSW that you download earlier
  9. iTunes will give you warning, just click the flashing oK button
  10. Wait until the process is done
  11. If you have receive error messege, open tinyUmbrella and click the exit from restore buttonios downgrade 5 to 4.x.x
  12. Done

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