Dual Boot OS on Nexus 4, Android and Firefox

dual boot OS, android and firefox

Bored with only android?
If you want to try a different taste on the Nexus 4, you can install Firefox OS on your device.

If you still hesitate to change main OS on your device, you can try installing Firefox  OS on your Nexus 4 without remove the android. With a dual boot OS on Nexus 4, you can easily choose what operating system you will use on your device at booting.

This is an Experimental OS!!

Preparation to install dual boot nexus 4

You need MultiROM, modified recovery, patch kernel and Firefox ROM for this.

MultiROM as a bridge for users to get ability to select the operating time that want to use at boot. Don’t worry, your default Android will not be deleted because of this.

Modified TWRP have slightly different with an original TWRP, there are some additional features that are needed to flashing other ROM without wipe out the other the two operating systems.

For Patched kernel, you`ll need to find kernel that suitable with your ROM, if only your device already use custom ROM. Depend on your ROM based jss, use the kernel patches and ready for multiROM. for clarity you can see here

And the last file you need is Firefox OS. As a note, this ROM have some feature that is still not working, such as video Record, Bluetooth and MTP/PTP. Make sure to download the ROM and the Firefox UI (user interface), while for home app is up to you whether to use it or not in

Installing Dual boot on the Nexus 4

For the first step, you need to replace the custom/default recovery with modifications recovery that support with multiROM.

Copy Firefox ROM and the Firefox UI to your SDcard.

Then turn off the nexus 4 and do reboot into recovery mode, press and hold power + volume [-] buttons until recovery menu comes up, Select advance > MultiROM > addROM

the next step, select “android as ROM” and choose “do not share the kernel”. Then select the ZIP file and choose Firefox OS ROM. Wait until flashing process done and reboot your device. Make sure reboot into recovery mode again.

Once you get into recovery mode, select Advanced MultiROM > List ROMs > Firefox OS > Flash ZIP and then select Firefox OS UI.

Reboot and you’re done, you now have a dual OS in the nexus 4.

Do With Your Own Risk!!

source xda-developers

 Download Support File

dual boot OS, android and firefox

Dual Boot OS on Nexus 4, Android and Firefox

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