Easy BackUp Sony Original Firmware


  • Download and install Sony Update Software
  • Download and install Flashtool

Backup Sony Original Firmware

  1. Open Sony Update Software
  2. Do Update using handset that still using default firmware (not uptodate)
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs.
  4. Select and copy 2 file with biggest file size (200mb and 13mb)
  5. Go to flashtool folder and make a new folder
  6. Paste the files in this folder
  7. Run flashtool
  8. At advance menu > Decrypt
  9. Select folder (from step 5) as a source folder
  10. At Files, select files from step 6
  11. Click at arrow button and wait until decrpt process done
  12. Next, advance menu > Bundle creation
  13. Select a folder as target folder
  14. Select all files in box folder list
  15. click arrow button
  16. Give firmware name
    • Device : fill with your sony series name
    • Version : fill with build number
    • Region: fill with your region
  17. Click OK
  18. Select series (depend on your xperia series)
  19. Wait until bundle creation process done
  20. Backup result should be in flashtool\firmware as a .ftf file.

note: if your handset is already have update firmware, use Sony PC companion to restore the firmware to default (select repair option)

Download support files

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