Enable ad-hoc tethering on Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 also can share their connection. Normally Android can not receive and connect to ad-hoc, but with setting modification and add some files we can make Galaxy Tab connect to ad-hoc network.


  • Samsung galaxy tab that already ROOT
  • RootExplorer application
  • Download and extract wpa_supplicant

How to enable ad-hoc tethering on Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1

  1. Launch RootExplorer
  2. Go to /system/bin
  3. Find wpa_supplicant file, rename it (for backup file)
  4. Copy wpa_supplicant that you find at wpa_supplicant.zip extract folder to /system/bin
  5. select and hold at wpa_supplicant file until an option windows come out.
  6. Select permission and change to:

    User: read, write, execute
    Group: read, execute
    Others: read, execute

  7. Close rootExplorer
  8. Reboot the device

Now, your samsung galaxy tab can connect to ad-hoc network (wifi) and sharing connection from PC to galaxy tab

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