Enable Android Gingerbread native SIP Stack

Actually inside Android Gingerbread System is already include a SIP feature. But this feature as default is deactivated due many complain from many Cellphone Operator. The benefits activate this feature is you can make call, chatting or video call using internet connection. In simple word, call via VoIP.


  • Download android.software.sip.voip.zip
  • Download APK manager
  • RootExplorer or similiar applications

Activate Gingerbread native SIP

  1. Extract android.software.sip.voip.zip
  2. Launch RootExplorer
  3. Copy the file inside the extract folder to system\etc\permissions\
  4. Reboot

You can find Gingerbread native SIP feature in settings > call > Internet call Settings.
As a note, the default gingerbread native SIP stack is only allow user use internet call through WiFi. But with modification native SIP can be use through 3G network.

Activate Android Gingerbread native SIP stack 3G network

  1. Connect the android device to PC/Laptop
  2. Launch RootExplorer
  3. Using RootExplorer Copy framework-res.apk from android device to PC/laptop
  4. Go to APKmanager folder
  5. Place framework-res.apk inside \place-apk-here-for-modding\ folder
  6. Run script.bat
  7. Pick option 22 to set the project
  8. pick option 1 to select framework-res.apk as a project
  9. Pick option 9 to decompile the apk
  10. Edit the xml file , res\values\bools.xml

    config_sip_wifi_only true

    edit to

    config_sip_wifi_only false

  11. Pick option 11 to recompile apk
  12. Answer “Yes”, When it ask about is a part of file system
  13. Answer “Yes”, when it ask “would you like to copy over any additional files…?”
  14. the process will pause (for some reason .. do the next step)
  15. Browse In “keep” folder (inside same folder with script.bat), delete resources.arsc
  16. Back to paused process, press anything to make it`s unpause and finish it.
  17. Inside \place-apk-here-for-modding\ folder you will find a new file with name unsignedframework-res.apk
  18. Extract unsignedframework-res.apk
  19. there`s 3 folder and 2 file that you got from extract unsignedframework-res.apk, select them all.
  20. Using winzip, zip it in “No compression” method and give a name framework-res.apk
  21. Using RootExplorer replace the old framework-res.apk with new framework-res.apk
  22. reboot

Now native SIP stack can use both wifi and 3G connection

Do With Your Own Risk

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