Enable USB debugging Option on Samsung Galaxy s4

When you’ve gotten used to enable USB debugging on the other device or other android series, you might be surprised to find that you can not find the “USB debugging” option in settings.

Indeed, for Samsung Galaxy S4, “USB debugging” feature is hidden by the vendor. With a few step you can see those option again.

As usual for first step, open “settings” on your android and then select “more”.

Select “About device”, do scroll down until you find “build number” info. It`s right above “SELinux Status” info.

do tap in “build number” info for 7 times , don’t worry will be less or more, you will see “down counter”. After tap count at the proper amount thena alert text will appear “developer mode has been enabled.”

Please go back to “Settings”, then you will see the option “developer option” earlier in the hide.

Tap on the “developer mode” and turn on “USB debugging”


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