Explanation About HTC One Zero Gap


At HTC One launcing and introduce about Zero Gap turns out to be a misconception by buyers. And it be come worst by info spreading that based from those miss understanding.

Actually, Zero Gap or Gapless is the unity of the HTC One componet in rear body. When you observe the HTC One device there will be a curved aluminum and merges with the middle section being the unitary construction.

HTC-One-unibodyhtc-one-zero-gap-2Many users assume that Zero Gap is the front part of the device, part that cover speaker holes in the top (there are holes front camera) or bottom speaker panel.


HTC One Teardown image source ifixit

You can see part in A and B letter are only the cover panel and is not the “Zero Gap” construct .

the truth “Zero Gap” is in Z letter part, that the unibody. While A and B are just accessories and not is one of the main parts of the device.

But even though the speaker cover is not a primary section, retains the standard for gaps between panels cover the speaker with the main part. The gap must not be more than 1/10 mm.htc-one-speaker-cover

This misconception comes from two side, the buyer and HTC vendor. From HTC that does not explain with details about zero Gap when the introduction takes place and the buyer has its own views about zero gap understanding .

The picture below will better explain about zero Gap.

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