Extract KDZ files and edit hex bin file

Extracting KDZ file

  1. Download and extract KDZExtract
  2. Copy *.kdz file that you want to extract to same folder with LGExtract.exe
  3. Open command windows then type this

    LGExtract -kdz filekdzagan.kdz

  4. From step above you got .cab file, back to command windows and type

    LGExtract -wdb namafilewdbagan.wdb modelponsel.dll

  5. Now you get BIN folder with various *.bin inside it.

Edit Hex Bin LG Optimus L9 ICS Firmware

  1. Download LG Optimus L9 ICS Firmware
  2. Download and instal Hex File Editor
  3. Do KDZ extract and you`ll get file LGP765_AP[6].bin
  4. Download and extract LELUS_COPY_OF_BIN.zip, and you`ll get LELUS_COPY_OF_BIN.bin
  5. Open LELUS_COPY_OF_BIN.bin using Hex Editor, Select and copy All
  6. Open LGP765_AP[6].bin using Hex Editor
  7. Find for # hdcp.sh
  8. Do paste and save
  9. Now you can Continue root using lelus method

Download Support File

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