Facebook Messenger for OS Windows Phone 8


Facebook has finally released his messenger application for Windows Phone OS 8, after they remove the application from WP Store. Facebook Messenger is now came with new user interface which is suitable with the Windows Phone OS 8, and both sides look as well as how to access.

Interestingly, with this application you don’t need to open the Facebook application, it`s completely a stand alone application that does not require a Facebook application to installed.

In this Facebook Messenger version is also has features sticker and group conversation.

Facebook Messenger also always active so you always receive the latest message (require an internet connection), and you can monitor messages sent has been read or not.

In addition to send text, Facebook Messenger also allows you to send an image file, it can even be sent in private to make it more secure. Other features are the share location so you can share your location with friends and relatives, again without the need to open a Facebook application.

You can also monitor anyone who your friend that uses Facebook Messenger and active on Facebook.


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