Fastboot Driver and Rooting Sony Xperia S

Installing driver fastboot in Sony Xperia S is not like in other xperia series. There`s a case, when the xperia S is connect with PC/laptop, and we try to boot in fastboot (press and hold power + volume[+] buttons) the led become blue for a few second then it`s going to green/orange.
Green/ Orange indicate that the device in charging mode, and it`s become imposible to install fastboot driver.

This method need speed and timing , so it`s better do some exercise before do this.

Install Fastboot driver

  1. Download sony ericsson inf file (below)
  2. Open windows device manager
  3. Be prepared, do the steps below as fast as you can
  4. Press and hold power + volume[+] buttons and boot in fastmode
  5. Connect Xperia S to PC/Laptop via USB cable
  6. Ignore all messege that say driver is not installed
  7. In device manager, do search for new hardware S1Boot fastboot
  8. Right click then select Update Driver
  9. After the driver is updated, release the volume[+] button
  10. Windows will disconnect the device, so you can remove the device from PC/Laptop
  11. Now you can relax …
  12. In Windows, click ”Browse my computer for driver software”
  13. Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  14. Select ”Show all device
  15. Click next
  16. Click ”Have Disk
  17. Click ”Browse
  18. Now find the inf file that already download.
  19. Click OK
  20. You`ll see two or three models, select Android Bootloader Interface,do not click Next
  21. Once again, you need do the steps below as fast as you can
  22. Press and hold power + volume[+] buttons
  23. Connect Xperia S to PC/Laptop via USB cable
  24. When it`s connected press Next to install driver, do not wait the led become blue
  25. If you follow all steps with correct, then it`s the xperia S driver should be installed and you can boot in fastboot.

Root Xperia S

In this method we will use DooMKernel for Xperia S that have many features, auto-root is one of them.
To install DoomKernel, the device is must unlock bootloader and working fastboot(see above).

  1. Download DooMkernel package, update wifi modules is already include
  2. Place to /SDcard
  3. Turn off Xperia S
  4. Press and hold power + volume[+] button
  5. enter recovery
  6. Select update from SDcard
  7. flash it
  8. reboot phone and enjoy the kernel

Xperia S it`s should be root by now. you can check using root checker from market

Do With Your Own Risk

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