File Fast Transfer

Fast File Transfer is a free application made by Florian Draschbacher. This application allows a device performs a direct wifi. Using this application, files can transfer to other device using wifi connection with fast. It`s claim that users are able to move 1 gigabyte file in less than 5 minutes.

Basically this application works on a device that have ability to tethring. But some manufacture give limit to their device and this make the application cannot works. Those device are, Motorola Razr devices,Most HTC One, HTC EVO, Galaxy Y and Devices that don’t have a WiFi Tethering setting, such as the Nexus 7. Knowing this thing, it`s better not forcing to install the application and get angry because it cannot work.

The advantage from File Fast Transfer

  • Easy Setup
  • Doesn`t need common WiFi connection
  • Transfer speed 20x bluethooth
  • No bandwith use
  • The receiver device doesn`t need install same application
  • Can send single and multi files in same time
  • Can send to iOS device

fast-file-transferFast File Transfer
Developer: Florian Draschbacher
Price: Free
Platform: Android 2.2 and higher
Download Fast File Transfer (441 downloads)

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