Firefox Operating System for Smartphone

firefox-os-smartphone-operating-system – Another alternative operating system that you can use in your smartphone, Firefox os. Maybe you already heard firefox as a famous browser name

Mozilla, the developer company from Firefox, says that Firefox OS is an open source smartphone operating system . Many feature has been set up in Firefox os. such as phone, messages, calendars, media players, and other applications.

About firefox OS and application support

Firefox OS use HTML5 as their bases, HTML5 is the newest standart langauage for modern browser. it`s different when you must learn spesific language for build applications for other mobile OS, html is more common language for many programers. i thought it`s a good point if Firefox want to cacth up the android.

If you are interested in becoming a developer Firefox OS, you could try visiting the developer  page . The applications that already available in Firefox you find in marketplace .


The store may not much as android applications store. But seeing the enthusiasm of developers, it certainly didn’t take long for that.

The Minimum hardware requirement for firefox os

To be able to install firefox os into your device, minimum spec required is

  • minimum processor 800 MHz single processor
  • Minimum 256 MB Ram
  • QVGA Display

Judging from the minimum requirement spesification, firefox os does not require a high end device. This will an advantage in future development. Phone vendor such as alcatel, zte LG and several others also have been using Firefox OS in a some of their products. The advantages of using low end device makes it easy to target a wider market


Firefox OS User Interface

If you familiar with other mobile OS such as iOS, Android or BB OS, than Firefox OS looks not to impressive. it`s just earlier version.


Wanna try Firefox OS?

If you are not sure to use Firefox as your main Operating System, you can try using a dual OS on your android device.

For installation, you can read the instruction from Firefox OS Official site.


As a mobile operating system, Firefox Optimist for competing with other mobile OS. The low end device requirement will an advantage point. And using HTML 5 as basic application will another important point to speed up the application production.

Firefox Operating System for Smartphone

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